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产物详情 / Product Details

Twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet specification
Width:2.1m or 1.22m
Length:No limited
Thickness:3.0mm to 11.8mm
Standard Color:Clear,Blue,Green,Opal,Brown

Featurers of Twin wall Polycarbonate sheet:
Light Transmission-澳门永利娱乐场
The light transmission reaches 12%-82% depending upon colour and thickness.
Attributing to proprietary UV surface,Twin-wall pc sheet remains perfect mechanical and optical performance after exposed.-www.55402..com
Weather Ability-6175.com
It has super-weather ability,which maintains excellent performance in wide temperature range from -40°C—120°C.
Sound Insulation
The hollow form and polycarbonate resin offer significant advantage for sound insulation.
Easy Installation-www.412.com
Easy to install and can be cold bent
Impact Resistance
The impact grade B1 is decided by the national Gb8624-97 test, without fire

Application of Twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet
Gallery Pavilion gardens, funfair exotic decoration and rest places;
Wall, roof, screens and other high-grade indoor decorative material;
Highway and urban elevated road noise barriers;
Agricultural greenhouse and breeding shed;
Modern eco-restaurant ceiling;
All units or cell cycle shed, the balcony sun canopy and roof rest kiosks shed;
Office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities ceiling lighting et