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产物详情 / Product Details

Twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet specification
Width:2.1m or 1.22m
Length:No limited
Thickness:3.0mm to 11.8mm-澳门永利113355
Standard Color:Clear,Blue,Green,Opal,Brown

Featurers of Twin wall Polycarbonate sheet:
Light Transmission
The light transmission reaches 12%-82% depending upon colour and thickness.
Attributing to proprietary UV surface,Twin-wall pc sheet remains perfect mechanical and optical performance after exposed.-www.304.com
Weather Ability-永利澳门娱商城
It has super-weather ability,which maintains excellent performance in wide temperature range from -40°C—120°C.
Sound Insulation
The hollow form and polycarbonate resin offer significant advantage for sound insulation.
Easy Installation
Easy to install and can be cold bent
Impact Resistance
The impact grade B1 is decided by the national Gb8624-97 test, without fire

Application of Twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet
Gallery Pavilion gardens, funfair exotic decoration and rest places;
Wall, roof, screens and other high-grade indoor decorative material;
Highway and urban elevated road noise barriers;
Agricultural greenhouse and breeding shed;
Modern eco-restaurant ceiling;-永利登录网址-52355.com
All units or cell cycle shed, the balcony sun canopy and roof rest kiosks shed;
Office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities ceiling lighting et